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This site is about humanely reducing or relocating goose populations from our urban cities.  You won’t find information here about geese migration, nesting habits, or the scientific name of Canada geese.  I live in a large city where goose control and management is an ongoing struggle.  Each female lays 5-7 eggs every year, so if most survive (with very minimal natural predators) the population doubles very quickly.  The problem of getting rid of geese is growing rapidly.  Adults live 20 plus years, and every day goose droppings amount to 1-2 pounds per bird.  Wow............. that’s 10,950 pounds of poop over one bird’s lifetime!  How much grass do they eat (often eating and killing the roots too) to accomplish this?


Goose Control by Bird-X
1- Sterilize the eggs:  Oiling (addling) the eggs is a very effective and humane way to prevent the eggs from hatching and to stabilize the population.  Here is a link to the Humane Society’s instructions for addling goose eggs.  Follow the steps carefully.  If eggs are removed too soon, or improperly, the female Canada goose may continue to lay eggs all summer, instead of only once.

2- Scare Strategies:  Many products are available to help with goose management.  Scary eyes, reflective shiny tape, floating objects, loud noise (maybe ultrasonic), etc.  My experience and research has shown that these products work immediately for a short time until the nuisance geese realize that this potential predator will not harm them.  Goose control is more effective by regularly moving these objects and changing strategies/techniques on a random, short term schedule.  Floating items that constantly move have proven effective as geese repellents.  A remote control boat is a good idea to harass them.  If the method used for geese deterrent does not change frequently the birds will get used to it and ignore it.

3- Physical Geese Deterrents:  An excellent goose deterrent is: Don’t attract more geese by feeding them!  Do an education campaign for your fellow workers, family, and neighbors.  Is there still anyone out there that hasn’t been drilled with “never feed wild animals”!  Next is to harass the Canadian geese comfort zone.  If possible, install bird control netting, or a network of strings, over their watering hole.  Only need enough to disrupt their landing path and make access to water difficult.  Also effective in geese control is letting the grass and brush grow up.  Is there a predator hiding in that brush?  Geese are deathly afraid of predators such as coyotes, fox, and dogs.  It’s very easy to observe that geese problems are generally concentrated in large, open, low cut areas, with an easily accessible water supply, and very few places for predators to hide.  Another popular geese repellent product contains special non-lethal chemicals which is sprayed on the grass feeding areas.  To Canadian geese it tastes awful, and if applied and maintained per the instructions it is a good goose repellent, sending the pest geese to forage elsewhere.
4- Goose Dog:  I’ve witnessed fox catching geese, crows getting some eggs, and large hawks/eagles doing what they can to control Canadian geese.  Probably shouldn’t count the occasional car vs. goose encounter.  But the trained Goose Dog industry is thriving.  Usually these are Border Collies, bred for herding and chasing without catching or hurting their prey.  I’ve seen demonstrations and the Goose Dogs in action, with a good human handler, is amazing.  They will move the birds outside your boundaries.  Border Collies (and also fox) act as a goose deterrent, as their sight and/or smell by geese evoke panic fear of a predator nearby.  After the geese appear to have moved on, the goose dogs need to maintain their random visits, on a reduced schedule, or your goose buddies will likely come back when they sense the predator threat is gone.


      Dear Nephew Goose,      

Life is really good here at the city park.  We still have some grass to eat, and the pond is good.  The nice
grounds keeper man cut down the bushes where several fox used to hide.  He also replanted a large area with new grass, apparently just for us - man, was it good, roots and all!  We heard that his boss asked him “how to get rid of geese?” and he was full of ideas.  Actually lots of fun for all!  Last month he brought in some retired couch potato dog to chase us, but that only lasted about 2 minutes!  Tuesday morning he set off some firecrackers and weird balloons, and those did startle us, so we hid for about an hour until we were sure he had quit.  We have still got people feeding us here!  Most of the time they make us sick, and screw up our digestion, but it does draw attention and attract the overweight geese.  The human kids like playing in a gooey mess of goose poop and pigeon droppings!      

I’m sorry to hear that your life at the golf course is not so good anymore.  Apparently they are taking geese removal very serious.  It must be awful to be disturbed 24/7 by goose dogs, scary noises, and weird lights. Are you serious that it is almost impossible to get into the pond now?  And a policeman ticketed a lady ........ she was throwing day old bread out to keep you from starving?

Ya’ll are welcome to move your clan over here to the city park.  We have over 9,000 resident geese now, on about 12 acres!  But the tasty grass is almost gone..... mostly weeds, dirt, and goose droppings!

      Miss you,
     Uncle Goose.


A definition of “goose management” is to reduce the totally unacceptable population of Canadian geese in our urban city areas, to a level that we can tolerate, coexist, and enjoy the goose’s beauty.  But at the currently fast multiplying levels, the Canada goose is downgrading the human existence with health hazard feces, and destruction of soil erosion grasses.  Until the laws are changed allowing us to reduce populations by lethal methods, we need to work together practicing goose control methods to motivate the birds to move to less populated rural areas, with many more natural predators.  Sterilizing eggs is a low cost option that can really help retard the geese problem explosive population growth. 

There are numerous unique products specifically designed to help get rid of geese.  is well known and respected in the area of getting rid of birds, including geese.  They offer lots of technical data, proven products, and detailed instructions for Canadian geese control.

Don’t be frivolous, or haphazard, in your approach to lessening this geese control problem.  If you are serious about geese removal, this project requires consistent application of a variety of techniques, and preventative measures, on a continuing long term basis.  

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